Blush on Kis: How to Find the Perfect Outfit for Curvy Body Type

Marks & Spencer is one of Affi’s favourite brand because she said their clothing are very curvy friendly. So on next week’s Blush on Kis we ask the Division Manager of Marks & Spencer, Irawati, to tell us on how to choose the best outfit for curvy body type. For this kind of body type, actually once you knew what to avoid and what works for you, it’s really not that hard to find pieces that’s going to suit you.

First thing first, what sort of clothing need to be avoided by the curvy women?

  1. Avoid attire with motif and print that is too loud or big. This will draw attention to that part of the body.
  2. Article that have cut that is too tight is best to avoid too, a little bit loose (but not too loose) will work best because people’s attention will not go directly to the shape of your body.

Now that you know what to avoid, then these are tips on how to best choose your clothing article.


Choose skirt that doesn’t fall too short nor tight because it will only emphasize your curve and it doesn’t flatter the shape of your body. Minimum, it should fall above the knee.


Vanya explained that one of the challenges that she had when she need to buy a pants is that when she goes for a size up that fits her curvaceous figure, the length of the pants will be too long. But then when she alter the length of the pants, the cut will be different and funny.

Irawati explained that for curvy body type pipeline pants will work the best. Avoid skinny or bell bottom at all cost! This however doesn’t mean that your pants need to be too loose, baggy pants is not good as well since it will only add up kilos to your legs.

Good thing about Marks & Spencer pants, they come on many different models with many different length so you don’t have to alter the length of your pants.


For curvy women, other than to avoid tight, loud print and motif, it’s also best to avoid tops with too many details.

Choose tops with simple details and cut, as this will work best for you.


There’s no deniying that dark coloured attire will work best for curvy body type. Whereas bold and bright colours doesn’t work so well. If you wan’t to incorporate bright colours, try to do it as an accessory to brighten up your outfit.

If you have any question regarding the topic don’t hesitate to ask them via Blush on Kis’ Twitter or Facebook and don’t forget to hear the live interview next week, on Tuesday and Friday around 8-9 AM.

* Pictures courtesy of Fabsugar & Zimbio

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  • Rizka

    sebenernya bentuk badan curvy itu anugerah ya.. tapi memang tricky kalo menyangkut ketat/longgarnya outfit itu

    • DesZeLL

      Rizka, iyah bener yang penting balance yah. Jangan ketat semua :p

  • sheLLey

    oh my..i love this article!
    btw,jumpsuitnya american ferrera is to die for!!

    • DesZeLL

      She really show how to work her asset nicely :)

  • vanya

    I so marked this as my most fave article :D

    • DesZeLL

      Saatnya liat celananya M&S :)

  • Mimyjempolan

    my most fave article it..thank you ya Mal.

    • DesZeLL

      You’re most welcome. Ada tips lain yang bisa di share mungkin?

  • Affi

    Yg paling tricky menurut gue tuh nyari baju yang masuk kategori “not too tight and not too loose”. Kalo terlalu ketat kayak lepet, terlalu longgar kayak karung beras :D :D

    Also about colors, I know the “rule” is to avoid bright colors for curvy girls, but I find that wearing deep colors such as red, turquoise, cobalt blue, etc can be slimming too and definitely more interesting than black or grey. What we should be careful about is wearing pastels. At least that’s how it is for me.

  • rere

    Idem with Affi! I never shy away from brigth colors, because they bright up my spirit! Usually I’ll wear bright top with dark/neutral bottom, since I’m not much of accessories kind of girl.

    One item that I think important to dress curvy body is belt. It’ll accentuate the slimmest part of your body. I’m starting to collect belts and ribbons in different colors and shape.

  • Dian deeoz55

    Agree with Affi & Rere. I do wear bright, plain, jewel colored tops just to up my mood. Worn with dark jeans or dark pants & you’re pretty much safe. Same with Affi, i never wear anything pastel. I don’t own anything in pastel colors in fact :) Its not that i’m a tomboy or anything. I just feel that bright, jewel color tones really flatter my shape as well as my skin color. Red, magenta, deep violet, yves klein blue, emerald green etc.

    Love the article! As a curvy girl myself, i also love shopping at M&S. They have a ton of options! :) Happy happy!

  • Ella

    sepertinya harem pants juga ngga gitu cocok untuk curvy body type yah?
    at least for me… :D