Make Old Things New With Ribbons

New year is probably the most reasonable excuse to drag yourself to go out shopping so you can revamp your look and give yourself (style-wise) a clean slate. If you’re tired of your old items, but you haven’t got the budget to get yourself new items, why not add a touch of ribbon to it?

Ribbon has been my new-found love, because it can turn my boring black jacket into something more exciting and I can add it into few more other items.

Here are some ideas on what you can do to make old things new:

  1. Use a colourful ribbons made from grossgrain or ribbon either really thick or thin one as a sash to belt your jacket.
  2. Change your shoe lace with ribbon. Be inventive, use clashing colours with your shoes or even bolder – go with the patterned ribbons.
  3. Tie a bow with a silk ribbon (medium width) in your collar when wearing a shirt.
  4. Use ribbon and insert it into your bag’s chain straps or your necklace to add colours to the metal.
  5. If you have a chunky or charmed bracelet that you have grown tired of, tie a ribbon on both ends to create a Marni-esque necklace like shown above.

Got any other ideas that you can add? Please do share, so we can give a new life to more unused stuff on our wardrobe.

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