Get Ready To Color Your Hair With Ammonia-Free Product

Does your hair coloring process feel uncomfortable because of ammonia contained in the product? Well, ammonia creates unpleasant smell during the hair coloring process and also makes sensitive scalp feels itchy and uncomfortable. Not only that, ammonia is also unfriendly to the hair since ammonia swells hair strands so that the color can be penetrated. But those won’t be a problem at all with the presence of INOA.

INOA, the new permanent hair coloring product from L’oreal, stands for the words “Innovation, No Ammonia”¬† and it’s an innovation with its ammonia-free formula. You might be guessing how come an ammonia-free hair coloring product gives satisfying yet long-lasting result? INOA’s Oil Delivery System technology maximizes the hair coloring process and protect the hair at the same time.

Anyway, if you really want to try INOA, you need to be patient for a while since the hairdressers in all L’oreal certified salons need to be trained about the right technique in applying INOA. On last Wednesday, January 12, L’oreal invited about 500 salon owners¬† from around Indonesia and introduced¬† INOA to them. All salons which were registered to get INOA training will be educated and supported in providing INOA in their salons. INOA will be ready to give color to customer’s hair this mid-year.

But your wait will be worth it as INOA promises unlimited choice of colors just like other hair coloring products, shiny and healthy hair with no bad smell and no irritated scalp during the process. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Just don’t forget one thing when you’re asking INOA service, make sure that the salon you choose has the INOA certificate. That certificate means the salon has finished the training and education from INOA.

While waiting for the official launching of INOA, I suggest you to enjoy the photos of INOA’s pre-launching. Its pre-launch was enlivened with a spectacular hairshow from L’oreal noted hairdresser Laurent Decreton titled 1001 Night of The Future Hairshow. This hairshow showcased extravagant hairstyles and marked the innovation of ammonia free coloring product, INOA.