Rachel Zoe’s Collection, Chic with 70’s Vibe

It wasn’t exactly news that Rachel Zoe is going to launch her own fashion brand. Rachel Zoe announced on June last year via Zoe’s exclusive interview with WWD that the Rachel Zoe collection is not solely going to be a fashion brand, it will be a wide selection of a lifestyle brand with contemporary accessories, shoes, apparel in the beginning and later on will hopefully expand to home products. The brand is due to launch this fall through department stores, specialty stores and e-commerce site worldwide (but not sure how far worldwide means).

Half a year later, Zoe finally revealed her collection for the fashion line in WWD. Back in June last year she said that the collection will depict her trademark pieces somehow. You will definitely see faux furs, leather jackets with incredible cut and design and to-die-for trousers. But she promised that the brand will cater broaded audience (not just those who have the looks of celebrities). Before we share with you the images from her label, what about we take you down the memory lane on Zoe’s own personal style.

Zoe said to WWD about her line, “I’d imagine everybody is expecting something from me that’s kind of a Seventies, uberboho-glam kind of thing, and, you know, very accessorized. And it’s not.” Which is completely understandable seeing her personal style above. She did mention back in June that you will see her trademark in the collection. Being a Virgo, she always thinks of worst case scenario which is why  she doesn’t want to let people down and it looks like she’s trying her best.

What you’re going to see in Zoe’s collection are looks that are dominated with tailored and chic pieces although still have that seventies touch. Even in the pictures above you can see how she loves tailored trousers and jacket. There are going to be a lot of suits, white jackets and blazers that come with matching wool trousers that will floor you. Other pieces includes tie-neck blouses and party dresses made of frothy layers of organza and of course many outerwear emphasizing on capes with leather trim and hardware toggle. Not to forget, as she has promised back in June, you will also find faux fur and leather coats with brass buttons.

Zoe said you will see her a lot wearing her collection. She happened to wear one of the pieces, the double breasted jacket with threads of gold over the black material that creates a beautiful rich texture. Looks like something that you can note down on your shopping list.

The shoes will include suede boots and matte croc pumps but most of them are four-inch or around 10 cm and higher, with a giant platform. Although this is only for the initial collection with plans on releasing flats and riding boots in the future. Price are set for $250 for day dress up to $750 for a full tuxedo look.

Below are some more pictures from her first collection. Tell me what you think of them!

* Source and pictures from WWD