Dress To The Max(imum Length)

Maxi length spotted in the runway recently (images from Refinery29.com)

Maxi length has never really gone out of fashion, either it appears in maxi dress or maxi skirt. From runway to street style, from designer online retailer to our beloved local label; maxi dress and maxi skirt have transformed in more various and fashionable choices. Here I give you several tips you would need to pick the right one and also to keep up with the latest trend.

  • First thing first, chose the right length of your skirt or dress. The best length is actually right above your shoe-line so the edge won’t sweep the floor.
  • Consider your body figure before buying maxi skirt or maxi dress. Especially if you are petite, don’t pick dress or skirt with flared bottom. Straight-cut bottom or one that isn’t as voluminous is the best choice, then pair it with high heels to make you look taller. For those who want to obtain a slimming effect from your dress, pick ones in dark tone.
  • Minimalistic and single-tone dress is in. Plus, monochrome dress will make you taller and it also allows you to accessorize more creatively; just regard it as a plain canvas in which you can add anything to spice up your look.
  • If you are looking for printed maxi dress, fresh up you look with dress in modern graphic, striped or animal print are the examples; instead of choosing maxi dress in bohemian style that appeared “dated”.
  • You covered your legs already with maxi bottom, so it’s okay for you too show some skin with sleeveless top. It is also allowed for you too wear fitted top to balance the outfit. If you prefer layering, you can add an outerwear.
  • Match the dress’ material with the occasion. If you are planning to have a casual day out, bright colored maxi dress that is made of cotton or jersey will give joyful and relaxed feel. While silk or chiffon dresses are more appropriate to be worn to formal events.

Street style maxi dress and maxi skirt in modern graphic from alltheprettybirds.blogspot.com

Maxi dresses made of chiffon and silk for formal occasion from net-a-porter.com online boutique

Monochromatic maxi dress with comfortable material from Cotton Ink