Style Stolen from Our Man: The Desert Boots

Desert boots were originally worn by the British officers during World War II. I used to see them often on Clark’s. They’re chunky and look like a field type kind of shoes but I presume they’re comfortable to use. When I was shopping for shoes during my holiday in Melbourne, I saw this girl next to me trying several pair of shoes. I love the wedge booties that she was trying on, but when I asked her which one was her favourite, she said she also liked the wedge booties along with the heeled desert boots. I was intrigued, seeing that the heels on the desert boots made the shoes looks kind of okay and not too masculine at all.

Afterward, I started noticing that the desert boots gain a steady fans especially after writing the Alexa Chung capsule collection for Madewell. One of the shoes she created for this collection was, again, the desert boots! Afterward, everytime I open a high-street label website I saw them and it’s not the chunky type like the original Clark’s which was meant for menswear.

Nowadays you can see desert boots that are more feminine especially those that are with high heels or wedge. But it just until recently that I saw one in Mango (as seen on the first picture below) and it’s on sale for less than Rp 700,000 that I’m seriously thinking about owning a pair.  I think it’s not just about whether they’re currently in trend, but they look like something that you can survive wearing even though you will be walking all day long wearing them.




Rag & Bone

What to wear with them? You can pair these shoes with skinny jeans like what SJP wore in the picture below for a feminine with a toughness look. Or you could also wear them with flowy sundresses to give it a more relaxed attitude like what Kate Bosworth did in the other picture below.

What do you think about these desert boots? Love it or leave it?

* Pictures courtesy of Mango, Wittner, Fabsugar, Nordstrom,,,