164. Inside Irawaty’s Bag

Irawaty is a house maker that is also a photographer which reside in Bali. She recently just won our twitter quiz for sharing her new year resolution. She said that she want to wear more black, but since Bali is too hot to wear any clothing article in black, she said she’ll try with bag or shoes. We guess this bag will soon to be replaced with a new black bag, but it’s such versatile everyday bag don’t you think?

The bag is from Yucca in Salmon and made entirely in full leather with fabric lining. It looks like it can take the everyday heavy load since it’s made from leather.

The Content:

  • Wallet
  • Credit card wallet
  • Money purse
  • Hand sanitizer (Dettol)
  • Oil blotter
  • Candy (Fisherman’s Friend)
  • Lip Balm (Nivea-Strawberry)
  • Eye drops (Rohto)
  • Wet Tissue (Mamy Poko)
  • Bussiness card holder (Muji)
  • Sunglasses and case (Ray Ban)
  • Additional : if we’re going to the beach, which happens 2-3 times a week (the luxury of living in Bali :) ), I also throw in a mini-sunblock.