Romantically Edgy Clothing By Sisterbrain

We need to reveal another promising local fashion line. Say hello to Sisterbrain!

What is Sisterbrain?

According to Sisterbrain’s website, it was “founded in January 2009, Sisterbrain holds dearly to its main purpose from the beginning; to be something to live about, think about, and laugh about, never to be a dark place, always loved”. At least that is what Sisterbrain means to both founders, Syifa Septiarawati & Bunga Indriana. The meaning behind Sisterbrain has become more universal. “It is about how and what women want in fashion, to communicate what’s on our minds to other women. Romance is the word. Twist is a must”. No wonder that its collections are eye-catching yet pretty, and most importantly wearable.”

Luckily I got the chance to have a conversation with these two young ladies behind Sisterbrain, Syifa Septiarawati & Bunga Indriana. Here are some excerpt of our little chit-chat:

What are your fashion backgrounds so you’re able to establish Sisterbrain?

“Both of us actually never had any formal education of fashion but we have been familiar with clothing business since our childhood”. “My mother is an atelier custom-made tailor”, said Syifa. While Bunga said “as a kid, I had helped her sister Era Soekamto in making fashion projects; there she started to learn how to draw a dress, choose materials and even make the pattern right on a mannequin”.

How do you guys decide to create Sisterbrain together?

“We met each other in around 2004 when we worked together in managing 16shop, a ready-to-wear and custom-made boutique. Our jobs then developed and specialized in mass production, handling clients, designs and quality control. Getting to know each other well, one day we sat down and talked about our passion. There we decided to build Sisterbrain as the actualization of ideas in our brains. It fulfilled or hopes; that we want to offer a pure, light and simple fashion line, but still having a touch of edgy-ness from the details.”

I heard that Sisterbrain also offer custom-made services, would you explain about it?

“For custom-made services, usually the clients ask for the designs, idea and comment. In creating custom-made clothes, we try to give our touch of Sisterbrain into it. But there are also customers who give the whole designs so we just give the comments about what’s good for their body figures and their style then make the clothes.”

Some picks from Sisterbrain’s newest collection “The Mood”:

Cross Jacket in camel IDR 315,000 (left photo) and Laced Romance Cardigans (grey+grey lace) IDR 325,000 (right photo) also available in black+black lace.

Cardi-blouse in orange IDR 255,ooo, white shirt IDR 265,000 and overlapping roll up pants in mesh grey IDR 255,000.