How to Apply Concealer

Concealers do wonders to any imperfection and discolouration in your face. It helps covers dark undereye, brighten up your eyes area, conceal redness and blemishes. It’s really a girl best friend. However it can also be your worst enemy if you don’t use and choose it correctly.

What concealer?

When choosing a concealer you need to know that there are two types of concealer. One that is heavy and gives full coverage which areused to conceal redness, blemishes and any skin imperfection on the face area. This type of concealer usually comes in cream formula either on pot, pan or stick.

The other one is the “lighter” version, more moisturizing one that can be used to cover your undereye dark circles. The formula is thinner and more lotion-like, usually comes in squeeze-tube or tube with wand applicator.

Disaster is what happens if you use one type of concealer for all. Heavy coverage concealer when used under your eyes area will crack easily and won’t blend nicely with the face base. Whereas the more moisturizing one if you use it to cover skin imperfection will not do the best job because the coverage is not high enough and it can easily slip off.

My favourite concealers are from Laura Mercier, it has both the perfect moisturizing and full coverage concealer.

How to apply it?

Here are some tips to apply concealer:

  • Brush is the perfect tool to apply your concealer. The best thing about brush is that it can make it to hard-to-reach area, for instance the inside corner of our eyes.
  • Pick up a little amount of the product using your brush and apply it to the undereye area, including the inside corner.
  • To blend the concealer pat your middle finger until the concealer is evenly spread. Patting is the best way to apply everything including when you deposit the concealer into the undereye area.
  • Before you apply your concealer, use eye cream to make the concealer blend more easily on the undereye area.
  • Do the same steps to cover blemish or spot on your face.

Brush that are used to apply concealer are usually small and rounded, made from synthetic hair. I’ve previously written my pick for concealer brush which includes the most commonly used one MAC #195

Find the correct tone

  • For undereye, choose a peach or yellow-toned concealer (which depends on your skintone). This tone will help cancel out the darkness without looking like a mask. Choose a shade that is an exact match to your skin, or if you want to go lighter don’t go anymore than one shade lighter. But I always think the exact same shade with your skin is the easiest one to work with without looking too greyish. The same tone can be used to cover imperfection in other areas of the face, but use different consistency of concealer.
  • To cover redness in your face try mixing face corrector in green with your concealer or foundation.

Got more questions regarding choosing the right concealer or applying them? Ask us on the comment box below or visit the concealer thread on our forum.