Must Have Items For Campus Style

As I wrote in previous article Campus Fashion Dos And Don’ts I mentioned several fashion  items that are essential for campus days. An outerwear, a big bag and comfortable shoes that are in great style and good quality will surely be your weapon. Here I have picked my favorite for each of those categories. Since university students consider much about their budget,  I also state the price of those items.

Photo above might give you idea you how an interesting outerwear looks like. Recently, I spotted a cardigan in Tribute to Friends, available in Sisterbrain booth for IDR 335,000. This cardigan is so cute and wearable that you won’t have a heart to leave it at home. Red is quite a flexible color to match with many colors of your outfit and it is adorned with tiny gold buttons in heart shape. Along with this cardigan, now you’re ready to enter your cool, air-conditioned classroom.

If you insist to wear high heels to campus, here I give you some options. Left photo above shows an example of wedges that you can pick from Picnic that cost IDR 199,900. They look comfortable, don’t they? You can also choose the clogs or the wedges from Retail Therapy as shown in the right photo that mostly costs IDR 290,000.

For the bag, personally I love Ciciero laptop bag (IDR 360,000). With this bag, you can keep your books and paper neatly. More importantly, if you need to bring your laptop, you can carry it inside this extraordinary bag that comes in various size to adjust the laptop. FYI, you can also buy this bag from our dearest Market Plaza. You just need to open this link to take you there.

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