Maggie Q – If Look Could Kill

Do you spend much time in front of the TV? I’m surely guilty of spending too much time in front of TV, time that I can use to do something a bit more useful. Like reading perhaps? But good TV series is one guilty pleasure that I can’t resist. I enjoy anything, from comedy, drama to action.

My latest obsession is Nikita, a new series currently still running on their first season. Nikita is an adaptation of the French neo-noir film “La Femme Nikita” created by Luc Besson back in 1990 originally played by Anne Parillaud. The TV series aired in the U.S. through CW is played by Maggie Q which we knew from her role in “Mission: Impossible III” and “Live Free or Die Hard”. Maggie Q has a strong Asian face feature because she was born to a Vietnamese mother and a Polish-Irish-American father. She was born in Hawaii but her modeling career took off in Tokyo after high school, followed by a movie gig that started in Hong Kong.

Nikita tells the story of a troubled teenager rescued from death row by a secret U.S. agency gone rouge called the Division that faked her execution and gave her a second chance to start anew and serve her country. In reality, she was trained to be a spy and assassin and after the death of her fiancee, Nikita realized that she’s not really serving her country after all. She decided to leave the Division and swear to bring them down. Well that’s the short version anyway.

Nikita: Anne Parillaud, Pita Wilson and Maggie Q. Which one do you think fit the image of assassin Nikita the best?

Action-wise, I actually prefer the original TV Series adaptation made by the Canadian TV back in 1997. In that version, Nikita was played by Peta Wilson and the suspense is more intriguing compared to the new version of Nikita. But I think Maggie Q portrays the perfect image of Nikita; a hot shot assassin with look that can kill you. Although throughout the series you will see Maggie Q with clothes in lots of texture and muted colours, simple makeup and minimal accessories but they all look dashing. It proves that simplicity can be captivating as well. Maggie Q said “I don’t believe in gratuitous fashion,” and “I like it to enhance the character, not drown her. I love how Nikita is low maintenance. Her style should be tough and simple” which is exactly what Maggie Q signature style is.

I always hold my breath whenever I watch Nikita because I’m always waiting for what’s going to happen next. In the sideline, you will also need to watch your eyes closely on the clothes. When she’s not in her body-hugging, leather-like combat attire you will see her in seductive party outfit.

Off screen, Maggie Q still looks as fashionable as she is on screen as can be seen on the WWD photo shoot recently. She looks ever so gorgeous in Oscar de la Renta beaded gown and also in the elegant Donna Karan silk chiffon dress that paired up with Max Azria cuff.

* Pictures courtesy of IMDB, CW, Photo Agency,, WWD