If I Were A Boy, I Would Love THRUNK and EASTON

Really. If I were given the chance to be a man for a day, or to dress as a man, I would gladly wear these attires. The good thing is  they are made in Indonesia. So, it shows that the best menswear doesn’t always have to come from the West.

First is a range of shirts from THRUNK. I saw the collection for the first time when I attend Tribute To Friends. I’m not trying to overwhelm but it was kind of love at first sight to me. What caught my eyes the most from THRUNK collection was the shirts. THRUNK designs a range of basic menswear with stylish twist but not too much. The shirts are formed by geometrical structures with a twist of playful composition. Also, I love how it combines the color which is quite colorful but doesn’t look tacky or feminine. Besides the shirts, THRUNK also produced numbers of blazers and pants which are also made in high quality.

As stated in their website, THRUNK launched Overture that concentrates on unconventional application of lines and colors that are combined with simplicity and elegance. Overture consists of 2 kinds of blazers, 3 colors of routine pants, a mod tie and 12 choices of shirts. Some pieces even make a smooth transition from office hours to after hours. Here are some pieces I love from the Overture collection:

I guess that’s enough for the shirts. Now let’s jump to the another section of clothes. At THE GOODS DEPT, I eyed a label named EASTON that focusing on man’s denim products such as jeans and jackets. EASTON’s products are also made in Indonesia.

According to their website, EASTON began with two guys who discussed about denim line concept. They believe that denim is an extremely important element that has a sacred value to its users. They both have the faith that denim products they made will be comparable with the Western denim quality that overbearing the market around the world. Their faith didn’t come without any reason since these two Indonesians are really having capable amount of knowledge about how to make garment products with high quality. EASTON denim feels so international and comes with and extreme attention to detail that one can only find on “eastern” garments.


EASTON had launched its Spring/Summer collection that consists of 3 types of denim. EASTON developed selvedge, coated and dry denim. Those are full cotton and blended fabric that are strong and comfortable. EASTON created the denim in several fits for men and women, offering 2 man’s fits (Slim and Regular Slim) and 1 unisex fits (Skinny). For the Fall/Winter collection, EASTON launched their new fits which are Straight and Bootcut, and also released its Denim Jacket collection.

Scavenger jacket

If I’m obliged to choose only one product among all EASTON’s, then I will pick its Scavanger jacket. that is made of denim mixed with ultra-soft leather trimmed pockets and sleeves and a finely ribbed mock collar.

Maybe I could convince my boyfriend to get the jeans so I could steal it for a day or two from him (and never return it?).

So have you ever imagined what you would wear if you were a boy?