Blush on Kis: Look Sexy and Glamorous on New Year’s Eve

New year is just around the corner.If you plan to go out during the New Year’s eve, have you planned what makeup look you’re going to wear? Makeup look is just as important as the outfit itself when it comes to big event like this. It can make or break the finish of your look.

On next week’s Blush on Kis, Ronne Engeline AnnemarieLancome Education Manager suggested to try Sexy Glam look for New Year makeup look. You can choose which part of your face that you want to highlight, whether it’s your eyes or lips.

If you want a Sexy Glam Look that’s highlighting the lips, focus on red lips.

For this look, try intense red lipstick on your lips. Lancome have Color Fever Matte range with three types of red lip colours. Color Fever Matte no. 151 with red to orange color , Color Fever Matte no. 152 with deep red colour and Colour Fever Matte no. 153 with soft red colour. You can choose, which red that can represent your personality. For woman with daring and strong personality with light skin, you should try no.151. For tanned skin, you should try no.152 and for you who never try strong red lipstick before and you want to try it for the very first time but you want to try soft red colour, you could try no.153.

Don’t forget to use lip gloss to add sexy attitude. From Lancome, try Color Fever Gloss no. 108. Simplify your eye makeup because you already go heavy on the lips. Just use eyeshadow with nude or soft and neutral shades like beige, light brown and to frame your beautiful eyes, you should use black eye liner (from Lancome youcan use Ink Gel Pot Liner which has a really intense black colour) and mascara that could add more volumes, curves and length on your lashes.

For cheeks, use soft pink colours, and you’ll look fresh and sexy.

For sexy glam look that focus on the eyes, smokey eyes with two colours is the best choice. You can combine two colours, black and silver (from Lancome, try Ombre Absolue Palette Eye Shadow no. G10 or navy blue and silver, try Ombre Absolue Palette Eye Shadow no. B10.)

Silver on the inner side of your eye lids and Navy blue or black on the outer side of your eye lids. Line your eyes and of course perfect mascara that could add volumes, curves and length for dramatic eyes. Lancome is a pioneer for innovations in mascara. First, you should use our base mascara to maximize the result from mascara. After that you should try Oscillation that has 7000 vibrations in 1 minute that could lift up lashes without curler eye lashes and
to make it more dramatic, add Hypnose Mascara. This waterproof mascara could give dramatic volume.

For lips, just use nude lipstick or soft pink shade and add sexy attitude with lip gloss.

For cheeks, you can use two colours. Darker colour of blush on your cheek bone as shading (like Lancome Blush subtl no. 06) and lighter colour of blush on your apple cheek as highlight to give fresh look (like Lancome Blush subtl no. 21 or 20).

Some tips from Ronne Engeline Annemarie to make your party makeup look lasts longer:

  • Use Lancome Genifique before make up to make your make up lasts longer.
  • Use waterproof mascara and waterproof eye liner on under eye’s line.
  • Use concealer on your eye lids before apply eye shadow to make lasts longer.
  • To make your lip colour more intense and lasts longer, use lip brush when you apply lipstick.
  • Use fingers to apply eye shadow and to blend it you could use eye brush.

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