Unlock the Secret of Beauty with Cle de Peau Beaute

Cle de Peau Beaute one of the premium makeup and skincare brands from Shiseido International has finally opened their first door in Indonesia at Level 3 Plaza Indonesia. I’ve heard about this brand for quite sometime and found a lot of people praise about their skincare and makeup base. However, knowing that they also come with the hefty price tag, I would never sacrifice on buying them via custom purchase since I would want to sample the product first before I made any purchasing decision.

Cle de Peau Beaute itself means the key to unlocking one’s beauty. That everyone, despite their age, skin type and other differences have their own beauty within. Cle de Peau Beaute takes pride in one-on-one consultation, that each individual is different so they need a different approach. They have been known for their innovative technologies and skin care formulas with a A-list clientele all over the world.

Their skincare products are formulated to strengthen functionality at the cellular level and improve the cell’s ability to regenerate itself. It also comes in superior new formula that comes from years of research that will helps to fortify the epidermal and dermal layers so that your skin is able to maintain it’s beauty amidst all the environmental f actors and stress that it faces every single day.

Before you jump into the Japanese skincare, you need to understand how the step and product series differ from those of western skincare product. If you want to know more about how different the product range are, I’ve written an article about this here.

One of the most talked about product from Cle de Peau Beaute is the La Creme, I would just consider it as the miracle creme that has the powerful anti-aging benefit, able to deliver great result in an overnight and have a cutting-edge emulsification technology that will be able to delivers ingredients more deeply, quickly and effectively and enhances tangible benefit that can be seen the next day. La Creme is packed in a luxurious gold tub and cost more than Rp 4,500,000 (I’m sorry I really forgot the exact price, but you got the idea, it’s really expensive and magical!).

I’ve also heard that their concealer have won many award and it’s perfect if you like an opaque finish concealer. Their foundations are also great but all cost more than Rp1,000,000! But don’t you think it’s just the perfect timing to put on your holiday wish list and hope a secret Santa will buy them for us? :)