Nikicio Femme Resort 2011 Recapturing The White Oleander

“Once upon a time, there was a young and beautiful girl named Astrid. One day Astrid’s broken-hearted mother killed her boyfriend with poisonous flower named the White Oleander. Then Astrid’s mother was sent to prison so Astrid had to experience going to foster home after foster home, forbidden love, religion, near-death experiences, drugs, starvation, and how it feels to be loved. But during those years, she kept in touch with her mother by letters to prison.”

That’s what Jane Fitch’s novel The White Oleander about. The story has also been translated in a same-titled movie.¬† Now the movie inspired Nina Nikicio to create the latest Nikicio Femme Resort 2011.

The White Oleander fashion show and collection launch took place in the hippest fashion area THE GOODS DEPT, Plaza Indonesia. And it was attended by fellow designers of Nina Nikicio, fashion editors and young fashionistas including several fashion bloggers. For you who couldn’t make it to the event, I’ll tell you why this event and the collection itself were really cool.

Nikico Femme Resort 2011: The White Oleander illustrated Astrid’s journey and characteristics. Nina wants anyone who wears that collection to feel beautiful, dangerous and proud. The dresses were in various length; long or maxi ones, medium-length dress and the minis. For the outerwears, The White Oleander offered several kinds of trench coats, cardigans and jackets. Pants and skirts also came in various styles. As products of Indonesia, Nina didn’t forget to involve Indonesian fabric in her design such as ikat. Monochrome tones such as black, white, blue and brown were dominating colors. All items in the collection look feminine and edgy.

To complete the whole look, those attires were paired with Dr. Martens boots, big suitcase and slingbag with tassels. For a ready to wear collection, its important to keep it simple and comfortable. Simple and comfortable also became the keywords in The White Oleander since the attires  illustrated a journey of a young girl. Not only being ready-to-wear, The White Oleander was also ready to be bought. All guests were able to but the pieces right after the show had ended.

Photo Credit: Hakim Satriyo (official photographer of Nikicio Femme Resort 2011: The White Oleander)