The Holiday Palette Temptation

It’s less than two weeks till the new year comes but how come I just realized about all the holiday palettes now? Usually I’m so tune in with the release of the holiday palettes, but I as I’m trying to not buy any beauty product I try no to get tempted with any new product. But they’re too hard to resist.

Holiday palettes are just too good to pass on. They are packed with so much colourful eyeshadows that make me just want to try them all at one go. Sometimes there are also lip glosses, blushes or even mascara and eye primer on the set. The prices are often cheaper than if you buy them as individual product. The hardest part that sometimes cloud my judgment is that these products often came in the cutest packaging!

On top of my list are the usual suspect Tarte and Urban Decay. Tarte the Jewelry Box cost $52 and like any other holiday palette from Tarte it comes with cornucopia of products packed in one box! It has 32 of full sized new eyeshadow colours in both shimmering and matte, 8 lipglosses as well has bronzer, highlighter and 5 eyeliners. For makeup newbie or if you haven’t got any Tarte holiday palette, I’ll say you need to get one just to get the itch gone. But if you got one already, skip it! But that’s not the case for Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III, owning one Book of Shadows will not satisfy you. Because we know that the quality of UD eyeshadows is incredible and the palette does not compromise its quality, it’s just as good as the permanent one. With 7 out of 16 eyeshadows new, I don’t think you’ll regret paying $54 even if you’re not interested with the rest of 9 shades. Their eyeshadows are always pigmented and they blend easily.

The otherĀ contendersĀ are Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland, Lorac Box Office Sensation and Stila Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette.

First thing first, the Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland which house products of $145 in value and only sold for $49 captivate me because of its cute packaging and also because it has complete makeup to do the whole face with products for eyes, lips and cheeks. Whereas Lorac Box Office Sensation cost $56 with 49 products for eyes, lips and cheeks secured in a glamorous mirrored train case just looks so professional which gets me really excited. Lastly the Stila Color Wheel Eyeshadow Palette priced at $38 that has 36 colours in various shades with different colour depth is just tempting, just because it’s Stila.

So which one you think I should get? Just fall into the trap of the comfortable Urban Decay? Or something else? Which one did you get?