Nokia Messaging That Helps Reporting Updates

On an article I wrote before, I said that Nokia Messaging feature in Nokia E5 is really helpful for those who need to be online and connected most all the time. It helps me getting connected with my editor by chatting via instant messenger while I’m not in the office, checking my emails with its push email service to see what assignments given and being in touch with my family and friends with Facebook and Twitter. I believe I’m not the only who need to get online and connected, it has been the necessity for everyone.

I also realized another important advantage of Nokia Messaging, which is to post live updates of an event I report through Twitter. Fashionese Daily followers on Twitter would love to see live fashion updates in their timeline. I have proved it to be an effective way of reporting, especially for the tweets that were completed with photos. By doing so, Fashionese Daily followers could enjoy the view from the runway at the moment it was happening. Nevertheless, who doesn’t love updating his or her social networking status? People love to show that they’re “exist” in both Twitter and Facebook.

And here are some of the tweetphotos I posted on Fashionese Daily’s Twitter account with Nokia E5:

Anything is possible since Nokia Messaging is packed with various instant messengers like Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi Chat; Facebook and Twitter as social networking applications; push email services which are Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Ovi Mail and completed with Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Traveler. All those applications can be downloaded free from Ovi Store and it only costs me Rp. 1,000 per day*. So, what are you waiting for? Let Nokia Messaging became part of your life.

*more info about data plan pricelist, click here.