The June and Julia Shoe Project

Have you visited the June+Julia website? If you’re currently on the look for a pair of sexy shoes, you should definitely check out their page. This Indonesian label is established in Bandung just right on the first day of 2010. Created by Yulia Fatimah and June Paski (known for her fashion blog) which started because Yulia and June both love shoes. Yulia, like any other shoe addict, live with too many pairs of shoes. Whereas June, loves shoes style that sometimes are hard to find. Both of them often find shoes that they fall in love with at the price that is not affordable.

After experiencing the same thing over and over again, they finally decided to jump into the shoes business and make the style of the shoes that they love available for everyone at a more affordable price, they’re sure many people out there share the same taste and problem as theirs. Then, the June+Julia online shoes are established which aim to produce shoes model that looks\ exquisite and expensive but without the price tag that will cost you your arms and leg. They think people with low shopping budget have the same right to look as good as those with high budget.

June+Julia started with a pre-order only online store, but after a while now they started to stock some sizes for some models which they thought will be a favourite. If you think you have a pair that you’re eyeing for, email them at to find out about the availability of the size or if they don’t have a ready stock at the time you could also pre-order your favourite pair which will take 2-3 weeks.

From fierce to low key, June+Julia have it all for you. Check the various styles they have to offer. How about as a start, we recommend you this Miu-Miu inspired platform mary jane? It cost only Rp 233,000. Or the black wedges that scream for attention. Can’t decide which one you want? Me neither :)