Campus Fashion Dos And Don’ts

From the aspect of fashion, I think a university student needs to be a quite adaptable person. What I mean is; most of the university students face many kind of situations in their daily activities. Commuting by public transportation, attending classes, then hanging out with friends or doing a part-time job are the examples of possible activities.

As a university student, I also find it rather complicated to decide my outfit before going to campus. My cupboard isn’t large and the clothes I have aren’t so numerous. However, it often takes much minutes wondering in front of my cupboard before deciding the outfit that suits my activities that day, before I go home in afternoon. Going through 7 semesters in my campus have given me some lessons, including the fashion tips I learned from my experiences. Here I’m going to share them to you, in case you’re facing similar scenario as mine.


  1. Again I mention that it is important to think of the places you will go and the activities you are going to do, before picking out the outfit. As an example, when you are scheduled to go to work after class, then you must chose the clothes that are appropriate to be worn to both campus and office.
  2. Decide and prepare your outfit at night. It gives you more convenient time to think without being rushed by the ticking clock in the morning. Spending much time wondering and trying on the clothes before making a decision is truly my bad habit. To decrease the tendency of doing so, my boyfriend advised me to create my own “dress code”. The dress code is intended to limit your choice of clothes and to save your time from thinking. For example, if you set your own dress code with red, you are only supposed to pick one or two item in red color then find other fashion items to be paired.
  3. An outerwear is essential. Unless you are wearing it, keep a jacket, thick shirt, or cardigan stashed in your bag because the weather is unpredictable. Not only that, changing temperature from hot sunny day outside the campus to cold air-conditioned classroom isn’t good for your  health either.


  1. Don’t waste too much time in trying on and mix-matching your clothes. No matter how important a look is, mind your priority in spending the time for your study. The term  “fashionably late” is not worth missing the lesson in class when you come late. Even though I share this tip here, I must admit that this rule is still difficult to be followed.
  2. Don’t bring a bag that is too small because you need space to carry all your needs. Cute bags in small size are tempting. But if you have to bring a lot of items including your books of files, it’s better to choose an adequate-sized bag so you won’t leave a thing to be carried in your hand. It happened to me when I forgot to bring a file that I had to submit in class. My bag was too small to carry my file so I had to hold it, and I forgot where I laid the file.
  3. Don’t wear towering stilettos to campus, for the sake of your feet and your stilettos itself. I love high heels but not all places I step around the campus is high stilettos friendly or has smooth surface. Walking for several meters on bumpy roads around the campus with 12-cm stilettos gave me a lesson for not doing it again. As an alternative to look taller than you really are, you can wear bulky high heels or wedges that are much safer than stilettos. Obviously thick and wide heels give you more balanced compared to stilettos in the same height.

After mentioning those do’s and don’ts  in campus fashion, I guess the left photo of Heidy Kalalo style best describes my explanation. Even though I didn’t meet her in a campus when I took this picture, this style consists of essential items for campus fashion; an outerwear, a big bag, and safe high heels. What important is: those items are all fashionable.

Since mentioning 3 do’s and 3 don’ts has consumed this much of article space, I think I need to stop here. But I promise you to give more tips or other campus-fashion related articles. In the meantime, I hope these tips will be useful to be practiced. Do you have your own do’s and don’ts on dressing up for campus? Share to us please!