Comfortably Stylish Style for Men

We’ve talked about the latest trend for Men from the JFW 10/11 and the colours that are going to be dominating the trend. The more I see men’s style the more I’m in awe of how these men can always look relaxed despite of whatever they’re wearing – from just a tee and pants to a complete suit. They can pull it off with such an ease. But I must say, that it’s all in the shoes! Even though you’re wearing a suit, but if you pair it with a more casual shoes, then the whole outfit will speak smart casual. If you say that men don’t care about their shoes as much as women, that’s so not true! Men will window shop for shoes longer than we women. They take their time in deciding which shoes to buy, compared to us women who just take a leap of faith when it’s a matter of buying shoes.

They seem to pay more attention to the comfort factor aside from the style of course. Men also like their shoes to be able to fit to every occasion, if it’s possible they will prefer to wear the same pair for work, night out with friends and semi formal party for instance. So they see the need to have ‘the magic pair’ that will serve this purpose and they’re willing to spend extra money if they found the right pair, compared to us women that can easily tempted by discount :) I found that Camper that not only have comfortable shoes for women but also they have good basic shoes for men with a hint of ‘quirkiness’ that makes these shoes unique but also they don’t look like it’s ‘trying too hard to look cool’, which is fitting for every occasion.

They also tend to stick to what they know best, for instance if they have been wearing one style of shoes, the next time they will go and purchase shoes they will try to find an exact match to the one they already have. Don’t you wish your men just go outside the box sometimes? Here are some basic shoes for men’s style, so that next time you go shoe shopping with your men, you can help give them an insight to what they should purchase.

The Casual Shoes

For the casual-looking pants, such as jeans and cropped or short pants you can try more casual looking shoes as well. It’s best not to pair it with shiny shoes because it gives a more dressier finish to your look. Oxford and loafers will work best with these kinds of outfit. Sneakers will also looks great with jeans and you can pick any colour you want :)

Try this brown one that looks like laced ones, but actually there’s no tie to lace up because it’s just an accessory to the shoes. You just have to slip it on, it’s as simple as that.

Although you’re looking for casual shoes but try to find one that is made from leather since it can be used for different kind of purposes and it will last you longer. Sole that are thick so it’s comfortable to walk with. Try and walk in the shoes to know whether it’s light enough or not, so they can use it for the whole day. Usually shoes with zipper are more preferable because it’s very easy to slip on. Men also prefer to go for brown rather than black or other colour for casual shoes, maybe it’s easier to work with for their various attire. To add a sporty feeling, opt for a white sole.

The Dressier Shoes

A pair of loafer seem to be the no brainer choice for a more dressier outfit such as suit for men. Especially if they’re made from a good quality leather that give a good glow against the light. Usually men will choose shoes that are darker than their suit or pants and match it with their belt colour.

A buckle or tassel ornaments will give an extra point to the shoes so they don’t look too plain. But what about ankle booties to pair up with your suit? That would be something different don’t you think?

Or if you want to aim for a pair of lace up shoes, than this brown one would be nice to choose for a daily office attire since not only the model is perfect but it’s made from leather with good quality and the sole is also made from rubber so it’s not slipper and it’s comfortable to be used and it’s still lightweight.

Which ones would you choose for your man next time they go shoe hunting?

* Photos courtesy of Camper and WWD