17 Designers Celebrates APPMI 17th Anniversary

At this sacred moment for APPMI, I think it will be wise if I mention brief history of APPMI. Poppy Dharsono and other figures like Pia Alisjahbana, Peter Sie, Iwan Tirta, and Harry Dharsono were the people who create APPMI. Founded on July 22, 1993 this year APPMI (Asosiasi Perancang Pengusaha Mode Indonesia) has reached the sweet 17th anniversary.

Now that APPMI becomes the foundation for designers from around Indonesian archipelago such as Jakarta, Semarang, Lampung, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Padang, and Pontianak. In both national and international stages, APPMI designers often showcase their magnificent talent; Fashion Tendance, Jakarta Fashion Week, Hong Kong Fashion Week, International Textile Apparel Fair, Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week and many more.

Fashion Tendance itself is an annual event by APPMI since 1933 until now. It is held to give presentation of next year’s fashion trend. This year’s Fashion Tendance, APPMI chose its 17 noted designers to bring forward their latest collection; they are Eny Ming, Afif Syakur, Jeanny Ang, Putu Aliki, Rudy Chandra, Malik Moestaram, Dina Midiani, Ferry Sunarto, Sofie, Taruna K. Kusmayadi, Oka Diputra, Musa Widyatmodjo, Ali Charisma, Misan, Harry Ibrahim, Lenny Agustin and Anne Avantie. Here are some of their masterpieces:

“Two Sides” by Enny Ming

Using the color palette rooted in white and sand grey, Enny Ming collection unveiled a series of  structured and tailored style. The silhouette was combined with constructive pleats, vertical lines and drapery.

“Tabrak Tubruk” by Afif Syakur, “Bionic” by Malik Moestaram

Afif Syakur clashed various motifs in his design, that’s why he named his collection “Tabrak Tubruk”. The main focus of this collection was the batik he used that look eccentric with its colorful motifs. Affif’s collection was followed by Malik Moestaram’s collection titled “Bionic”. To accompany the presentation, a song by Christina Aquilera “Bionic” was played to match the title. Malik stated that he was inspired by half robot, half human image. I think pop and futuristic were the words that best described Malik’s collection.

“Twilight Princess” byJeanny Ang

Jeanny Ang was inspired by the beauty of a sunset so she painted her collection in yellow, orange, blue and grey. She accentuated the feminine lines, mixed them with constructive silhouette and added colorful stones and flowers as the details. This lovely collection resembled a princess’ attire in a fairy tale.

“Hari Pasar” by Dina Midiani, “Unconscious” by Lenny Agustin

Dina Midiani brought the theme “Hari Pasar” as she gave the idea of playful and colorful wardrobe to be worn to a traditional market or pasar. Going to pasar would never complete without a bamboo basket. Various baskets became one of the highlighted items from Dina’s design. Another designer that is well-known for her playful and colorful design was Lenny Agustin. The models posed as if they were scarecrows or voodoo dolls. Their clothes and accessories were combined from various fabric, a technique that becomes Lenny specialty.

“Golden Treasure” by Rudy Chandra

Exploring Palembang songket, Rudy Chandra transform the songket into beautiful dresses. His collection came in both loose and fitted silhouette, and they were all adorned with golden lace as the detail.

“Hunter” by Ali Charisma,  “Wayang Golek” by Anne Avantie

Ali Charisma presented a collection that was inspired by the hunter in Antarctic. Freezing mood was translated with fur and thick hand-knitting. Ali also layered the attires to add the volume. Silver, pure white, pale pink and light yellow colored the collection to brought the icy tones. The last collection that night came from Anne Avantie. Through kebaya, Anne tried to depict the grace of wayang golek, one of Indonesian cultural heritages. Anne picked some senior model to present her collection, Arzeti Bilbina was among them.