GUESS Party Welcomes Summer/Spring 2011

For its Summer/Spring 2011 collection, GUESS held the launching in a party themed “A Sexy Night To Remember”. For all GUESS lovers, that night was definitely unforgettable since GUESS presented the collections in several creative ways such as live mannequin show, accessories displays, fashion show in a triangle-shaped runway and also video mapping that show images from GUESS.

As I entered the venue, it was the accessories displays and live mannequin show that welcomed near the entrance. Some female and male models were posing as if they were live mannequins in GUESS newest collection. Even though it was GUESS newest collection, the attires were infused with classic touch so they became versatile through the time. The colors were mainly black, white, grey and blue. GUESS nicely combined skinny jeans with boots, stilettos, shirts and outerwear for the female models. While the male ones wore GUESS jeans paired with T-shirt and plaid shirt; the other models wore the jeans with grey shirt and black jacket.

For the fashion show, GUESS mixed the items from GUESS Fashion, GUESS Accessories, GUESS Handbags and Footwear, GUESS jewelry, last but not least GUESS By Marciano. Flowers bloom in spring, so GUESS added it into the style as the motifs and accessories. Interestingly, GUESS played with various “accessories” to support the look, for example, a dog, lollipop; and the show was even started with two models riding a motorcycle.

GUESS Fashion and Accessories translated the spring spirit through a collection that showed a lot of dresses, hot pants, socks and tank tops that offer casual look . Hat also became the “it” accessories on that fashion show and it came in several styles such as wide straw hat and fedora. I agree with the idea of featuring various hats since spring/summer is related with bright and sunny days. For the footwear, you can see that GUESS Footwear offers many kinds of shoes to be matched with the outfit. Thick wedges looked great with over-the-calf socks, hot pants, and cardigan to result a preppy look (left photo below). Nude pump shoes that were matched with laced hot pants and ruffled tank top made the model look like a pretty traveler (center photo below). Floral dress plus strappy stiletto equal sexy feminine look and GUESS had applied the formula as we can see in the right picture below.

Beside the collection from GUESS Fashion and Accessories, the presentation from GUESS by Marciano was also delightful. GUESS By Marciano combined silk, lace, and cotton to create sophisticated and sexy city look. The collection looked glamor as well, without involving too many bright colors.

Even though they came in lesser number, the male models were as attractive as the female models. In fact, there were 20 female models and 7 male models  that were directly chosen by GUESS creative team in Los Angeles. Most of those male models wore three pieces of clothes; pants, tops and outerwear. The pants ranged from baggy jeans to cargo pants, while the outerwear came in cardigans, shirts and jackets.

Now, has GUESS collection successfully inspired you how to dress for the upcoming season?