Blush on Kis: Guide for Holiday Gift-Shopping

Don’t you just love the Holiday Season? The feel of festivity is everywhere. You can hear Christmas Carol everywhere and the decor of most building and malls are filled with so much exciting and fun ornaments.

But one thing for sure that comes with the holiday season is the list of gift that we have to shop!

On next week’s Blush on Kis we have Roni Dachlan, the Fashion Coordinator of Metro Department Store that will shed some light to us on how to do this gift-shopping at best.

As women, we tend to lean toward Fashion and Beauty items when we’re picking gift. Giving a gift to someone means giving some form of attention to that person and of course we want the gift to be well accepted by the person according to Roni. He said, when choosing a gift, we should consider our closeness with the person as well as their character. Generally, a gift from fashion and beauty products would be a fun choice but every individual has their own taste when it comes to these products. Therefore, we have to choose smartly. Products that are considered as a safe options are accessories and fragrance.

How do we then choose the best gift for different type of people? Roni suggested that for your colleague at work you can choose something that add a professional value to their look, for instance the common ones for women are shawl/scarf or brooch. For men you can choose a well-made ballpoint or tie clip. As an alternative, you can also pick something  like watches or electronic goods casing that have a fashionable touch to be given to a more important colleague.

For family or close friends, because we already knew their style and size well, we can choose something more ‘personal’. For instance perfume, clothing, footwear as well as accessories from a well known designer or brand that are suited to their taste. Whereas for your spouse, which we’re sure you’ve known their characteristic well, you can choose anything from attire, underwear or fragrances for the choice of gift.

However nowadays, people also prefer to give away shopping card or voucher as a gift, so that the receiver could pick something themselves. These shopping card and vouchers are available at most renown department store with various interesting design that will be representative to be given to anyone including your business colleague. This can also be found on Metro.

In the spirit of Christmas, if you’re not feeling like giving a fashion and beauty related gift then there are also various hamper, glassware, linen and bedding, Christmas decoration or electronic goods that can serve as an alternative yet still look exclusive as a gift.

At Metro, during this holiday season almost all brands compete to provide packages for men and women which are all very attractive both in price and items that are being offered. There are cosmetic and fragrances packages being offered as well, which gives package of perfume in combination with other products from the line, for instance package with both perfume combined with soap or lotion or perfume from the same line from a variety of sizes.

There are also a lot of cosmetics counters that will offer package that will have complete makeup set from foundation, lipstick, blush on in various color tones. You can also get a skincare sold in set during this season. Sometimes these packages will come in special packaging that makes them even more appealing to be given as a gift.

Roni also recommended that when you’re buying gift, you should watch out the quality of products that we’re going to give away. To be safe, you can always opt to buy something from the brand you already know. Afterward, you can check if they currently give special offer.

Other tops from Roni is that you need to be smart shopper by maximizing vouchers and member card that can give you more offer.

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