Evening Wear from APPMI Fashion Tendance 2011

The third fashion show of APPMI Fashion Tendance 2010 was held at night and the time suited well with the theme, “Evening Wear”. Six designers that presented their evening wear collections were Agnes Budhisurya, Alisa Listiawaty, Defrico Audy, Hengki Kawilarang, Lailawti Nahrawi, and Marga Alam. Although they’re united by one major theme, each designer create the dresses in his/her own way and characteristic.

Agnes Budhisurya                                                            Alisa Listiawaty

The motifs that Agnes Budhisurya draws on her designs are always lovely. This time she painted the fabric with the image of lotus flowers and lotus leaves. Agnes also colored the dresses in gradient of several colors like pink, green, purple, blue, and yellow. The dresses became fresh and delicate; typical with the wardrobe a fairy wear in a tale. Alisa Listiawaty also applied the hand painting technique like Agnes did. Unlike Agnes that preferred soft colors, Alisa designed her dresses in bold colors. She colored her creations titled “Enchanted” with magenta, midnight blue, purple, orange and yellow. She combined the fabrics of silk chiffon and taffeta, then applied the hand painting.

Defrico Audy                                                                      Hengki Kawilarang

Defrico Audy might be specialized in tribal-related theme. That night he showcased his collection titled “Neo Tribalism” that was inspired by the Balinese and Tibetan tribes. To emphasize Bali identity, Defrico involved tenun ende from Ubud, Bali. Defrico also used velvet as the fabric that added elegance. Defrico practiced much layering in his designs like the gowns were layered with robe, tops and skirts were covered with mantle.

Black and dark blue are usually identical with mystery but Hengki Kawilarang successfully defeated that stereotype. He proved that dark colors can be mysterious, romantic and elegant at the same time. The dresses were made of taffeta, silk, crepe, tulle, and lace. Hengki tried to capture and describe the look of modern Parisian so he designed corset, dress, coat, lace stocking, paired with diamante-detailed clutch.

Lailawati Nahrawi                                                             Marga Alam

Lailawati Nahrawi was inspired by metamorphic of a butterfly. In her collection titled “Metamorphose”, she illustrated the process how a cocoon transform into a beautiful butterfly. The first dress that appeared on the runway was a green body-hugging dress that mimicked a cocoon. Gradually, the dresses turned to be more varied in colors since butterfly has various colors on its wings. Lailawati used organza, taffeta, chiffon and lace in the colors of green, yellow, gold, and teracotta.

The last collection came from Marga Alam atelier. The dresses and gowns Marga Alam presented were more likely to be worn as wedding attires. He offered modernized kebaya that were colored in white and sprinkled with swarovski crystal. All brides that wore his creation would definitely look gorgeous.