Fashion Meets Technology in Bazaar Fashion Concerto 2010

It’s been a decade Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia has been published.
It’s been a decade Harper’s Bazaar has colored up Indonesian fashion.
It’s been a decade Harper’s Bazaar has reported fashion through its eyes.

10 seemed to be the magic number for this year’s Fashion Concerto. This year was the fourth Fashion Concerto, which also celebrated 10 anniversary of Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia. 10 chosen designers participated in this regular event that is held once in two years.

What makes this Fashion Techno special was it injected several new technologies that never been applied in previous Fashion Concertos such as in the lighting, live music and multimedia that accompanied the fashion show. The sound of electro music with synthesizer often heard during the show. Not to forget, the designers also created their masterpieces with the touch of futuristic look.

Those heroes who presented their designs were Ari Seputra, Deden Siswanto, Denny Wirawan, Kiata Kwanda, Oka Diputra, Sally Koeswanto, Sapto Djojokartiko, Sofie, Susan Budihardjo, and Wita for BIN House.

Deden Siwanto, Sofie, Kiata Kwanda

Deden Siswanto’s collection came first with his alien-looking models covered with copper bodypainting and towering hairdo. They were completed with robotic movement and emotionless expression.  Sofie designed her collection in dimensional design with insect-like ensembles. As an example, she applied the motifs of butterfly wing. Most of her designs were presented in black and white, but she also added another colors such as red and orange like the one Dewi Sandra wore in her performance. While Kiata Kwanda had his own perception of “techno-look”. He prefers simplicity with red bows popped up as the detail in the back of the black dresses. He was a bit different from other designers that night who mostly related the word “techno” with Alien, steel and even Lady Gaga.

Sally Koeswanto, Wita for BIN House

Sally Koeswanto offered more simple attire but didn’t leave out the alien-like portrayal. Some of Sally’s designs were not too complicated so it looked wearable. Light comes after dark. After serious expression on the model and dark lighting, Wita for BIN House lightened up the mood with her collection  dominated with white. It had gold as the accent and the models smiled and danced cheerfully with Sherina singing in the background.

Sapto Djojokartiko

I guess Sapto ideas could be labeled as the most unique among other collections that night. He applied the assembly technique that coordinate hard material like wood with the fabric. Sapto said that the technique was used to add the organic character into his designs. It is also reflected people who wants to “fly”.

Oka Diputra, Ari Seputra

Oka Diputra brought the imaginative underwater atmosphere as he presented his collection. Bulb lamp on the dresses grabbed the attention, it replicated the shining tentacles of a sea creatures. Ari Seputra mixed the illustration of tribal and techno. This African-esque concept was strengthened by bright colors in the makeup, accessories and clothes. Colorful bird’ feather also included as the accent.

Susan Budihardjo, Denny Wirawan

In Susan Budihardjo collection, feminine feeling was clearly found. It looked clean with the right amount of details so it wouldn’t be too much.She colored each of the dresses with one tone, then sweetened it with cute accessories like the headpiece and bangles. Also, the shoes were also interesting for those who love to look girly. The feminine concept was also strengthened by the song “Akulah Wanita” by Dewi Sandra at the end of Susan’s presentation.

The a marching band group emerged to open the fashion show of Denny Wirawan collection. It gave a hint on what the collection theme was going to be. Denny was inspired by military look and the models look like a group of lovely armies :) No one at Fashion Concerto mixed the colors as gorgeously as Denny did. His sense of matching gold with other colors like bright red, maroon and turquoise was incredible.