Argyle & Oxford’s Pocho with a Tassel Twist

Since Tribute to Friends is going to happen this Sunday, we thought we’ll pick something from the tenant of that event. I came across Argyle & Oxford at the La Salle’s show during JFW 10/11.

The brand started from two friends who met in college. The label started in April 2010 as a side project while studying fashion design in LaSalle College International Jakarta.

My pick from their latest collection ‘Adolescence With a Twist’ is the poncho with tassel which cost Rp 350,000 and will be available at Tribute for Friends so you can try them on! The poncho is perfect to be worn as an outerwear if you’re feeling that the weather is a bit too cold for you. The double breasted style on the poncho make it possible to wear it with your formal wear even though the fit is loose.

If you can’t make it to Tribute to Friends, don’t worry the complete collection will also be sold on their website after the event. You can visit their blog at or follow their twitter @argy_and_oxy for the latest updates.