Ready To Wear Collections from APPMI Fashion Tendance

This year’s APPMI Fashion Tendance tried to connect various elements, Indonesian culture and fashion tendency in the future, to make a harmonious collection. That’s where the theme “Interwine” evolved from. I guess it’s a precise theme for this fashion show. As you can see this Ready To Wear fashion show, 7 participating designers combined Indonesian element through the material, the motifs and the accessories.

First collection coming through the runway was Anastasia’s. Actually it doesn’t have any Indonesian element, but Anastasia showcased the most casual clothes on that ready to wear fashion show. Cotton is a perfect choice  for casual clothes and Anastasia added it with chiffon. They are mostly in nude color. As another interesting point, the models didn’t wear any footwear to strengthen the casual feeling.

Etty Bachetta was truly inspired by Balinese dancer and gold is an essential color in Balinese attire. That’s why Etty splashed as much gold color as possible in her creations. She transformed gold tenun bali into beautiful dresses and put gold kembang goyang as the headpiece on the models. You can imagine how gorgeous Balinese dancer can be, if she wears Etty’s attire.

Handy Hartono mixed tenun ikat with chiffon and raw silk. Having the theme “Tradition Passion”, Handy creations looked so bright since it’s dominated with yellow. Then came a cute-themed designs by Fank-Fank, “ Fish Story”. Fank-Fank chose modified batik pesisir as the main fabric. She also added playful details like embroidery, colorful stones and crochet. Fank-Fank shown such a cheerful attires, which is no wonder at all since they are designed for young women aged 15 to 25.

Toraja heritage was also explored in this fashion show. Jazz Pasay collection was inspired by Torajan armor in South Sulawesi, the motif draws Torajan armor shield. But don’t imagine a tough and manly collection, because Jazz Pasay offers pretty attires in terracotta, orange, brown and green. However, they’re designed in structured cutting to channel that armor idea. Kutai ornaments were brought to the runway by Ian Adrian. He wore a mix of chiffon, organdy and kain ulap doyo from Kutai, East Kalimantan to create various pieces from it such as dress, skirt, pants, top and coat.

Last but not surely not the least, this show still had Poppy Dharsono. She is a senior designer who used to be the first APPMI chairman.  Lurik, known by many people as patterned fabric in the form of lane stripes, was seen much in Poppy’s designs. She successfully closed the show with her classic and elegant designs.

Anastasia & Etty Bachetta

Fank-Fank & Handy Hartono

Ian Adrian & Jazz Pasay

Poppy Dharsono