Muslim Wear from APPMI Designers on Fashion Tendance 2011

The annual APPMI show was held on 22 & 23 November 2010 at Hotel Mulia, where the show started with Muslim Wear during the evening. The Fashion Tendance 2011 Intertwine showed different mix of Muslim wear trend for next year with 7 designers. Some of them have shown their collections such as Hannie Hananto and Dian Pelangi during last month JFW 2010/2011. Although they showcased different pieces this time, but a connection between the collection being shown during the JFW 2010/2011 and on Fashion Tendance 2011 were visible.

Ida Royani’s collection titled Savana which are shown above easily becomes my favourite. She used NTT weave and show us how to mix it with tiered skirt, pants and dresses.

Other collection being previewed that night were Nieta Hadayani’s Romantic Return from North Sumatra where the weave were used for capelet or vest on top of layers of chiffon, which created a great balance between the two fabrics that have different thickness. Najua Yanti’s Glowing the Beauty collection which was inspired by the beauty of the flowers carried different glittery tulle to the show. Glow was also the theme of Anne Rufaidah’s show that also used  chiffon, organdi lace, lace and NTT weave with lots of beads that shine so brightly.

Fenny Mustafa’s Nature Romance were dominated by simple and relax pieces with more details when you look it up close.

From this trend show it’s obvious that there’s going to be a lot of NTT weave to be seen in the upcoming season which will balance out the overly-used batik. Chiffon, which can easily creates layers and gives beautiful silhouette, is still everyone’s favourite and layering is getting more and more heavier.