Tod’s To Finance Colosseum Restoration

Fashion isn’t always about the glitz and the glam. It is often used as a tool to realize good deeds like charity and the like.  And now, another good news came far from Italy. Diego Della Valle, President of the Tod’s Group, confirmed that the Tod’s Group is prepared to finance the complete restoration of the Colosseum in Rome, taking on the entire costs of the project.

Tod’s is ready to provide 25 million euros to fund the restoration of Colosseum. Diego is also urging authorities to make a decision on the project soon. Diego said, “ We believe that because the Tod’s Group is a strong global representative of ‘Made in Italy’, it is both an honour and our duty to contribute to the support of our country’s image and credibility, as well as it’s cultural heritage. We can’t keep reading about pieces of ancient ruins crumbling here and there. Italy has loads of beautiful treasures, and we need to show we know how to look after things in our country.”

Colosseum as the legendary 80 A.D. amphitheater, which housed bloody public spectacles including gladiator fights, mock sea battles and animal shows, is one of the world’s most famous monuments and attracts more than 18,000 visitors a day. But it has suffered badly in recent years, and the urgency surrounding its state was highlighted in May when chunks of mortar plunged through a protective netting.

Hopefully this restoration project would be finished as soon as possible. And I wonder if one day Tod’s would hold its fashion show in the Colosseum; that would write a nice history.

Source: Tod’s & Reuters

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