Diana Rikasari Declares Her Passion for Shoes Through UP

Diana Rikasari’s eclectic and edgy style has inspired many. After several collaboration with local brands, she now introduces her own shoe line called Up that launched this month. She said that passion toward art that has made her to decide to launch this shoe line that caters to women of all ages and can be worn for all occasions. Most importantly she said, that from the design that are dominated by heels and wedges, the price range are affordable! This initial collection all cost Rp 245,000!

Up shoes come in various colors from neutral to bright and have different characteristics that are both flirty and fierce. By buying shoes from Up you will also donate Rp 5,000 from each pair of shoes sold for social cause, Diana said that she wants people  “to feel good when walking in Up shoes, because they know that walking in them means contributing to the society”.

The initial collection from Up is now available on their online store www.iwearup.com and can be purchased directly there.

I really have my eyes set on those walnut strappy canvas-wrapped wedges on the first row! How about you? See anything you like?

*Photos courtesy of Up and Diana Rikasari

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  • http://dianarikasari.blogspot.com Diana Rikasari

    Thank you soooooo much!! :)

  • http://fashionesedaily.com Rizka

    waaah unik2 yaa.. kalo aku suka yg wedges merah putih

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  • lena

    wow my kinda shoes! congrats diana, they all look lovely! i esp like the red and the white lace-up with, err, is that batik??
    *bergegas ke webnya UP*

  • Meitria

    suka yang batik..:D

  • http://www.mybagstage.com mybagstage

    I just bought the red-white wedges, can’t wait for it :)

  • Tina

    mybagstage: kamu bisa isi field “account number” di confirm payment? Kok aku ngak bisa ya? ngak muncul tuh field-nya