Welcome to Our Neighborhood

As you might have heard we’re moving closer to the Kemang area. And early this week we were walking around the neighborhood to find a good spot for us to have lunch. Just across the street from our office building there’s a Takigawa restaurant with an open space which is perfect to lounge at during the afternoon and they only open from afternoon onward. Beside the office building there’s also Dim Sum Festival if we feels like some dim sum and congee.

But we decided to walk further down the road because we’re feeling like some junkfood! We ended up at the La Codefin and eating burger for lunch. If you happened to be in the neighbourhood do visit our new office but please bear in mind it’s still under renovation so the space is a little bit empty and everything seemed to be not in order yet. We have lot’s of eatery surrounding the building and it’s a great area to hang out. The new office address is:

The Daily Media
Wisma 31
Jl Kemang Raya No 31
Level 2
Jakarta Selatan

The surrounding area is also great to be taken on foot since there are a lot of shops to look around and if I could quote Syita’s comment, it looks like a ‘little Kuta’ (with a lot of imagination in your head going on!).

Since we moved to this office building we’re always ready with our flats and sunnies because the rays from the sun is really something here. With flats, it allows us to move around on foot more easily. Especially if we need to get something from the mini mart across the street.

On me:

  • Dress: Cotton Ink Daria dress
  • Bag: Liz Clairborne slouchy bag
  • Sunnies: Oscar De La Renta
  • Flats: Tory Burch

On Affi

  • Jacket: ┬áCiel
  • T-shirt: Et Cetera
  • Pants: Next
  • Flats: Melissa
  • Necklace: Baubles & Fun
  • Sunnies: Vintage

Don’t you just adore Affi’s necklace? It’s so colourful and it emanates a happy glow :)