Blush on Kis: How to Rock Statement Jewelries

For next week’s Blush on Kis, Cessa Suhali, the General Manager and Jaclyn Halim the Brand Manager of (X)S.M.L. will talk about the beauty of statement jewelries. (X)S.M.L. opened a special corner in Plaza Indonesia to sell their accessories line at the first floor just beside their outlet. If you visit the store, you will see wide arrays of statement jewelries that surely will rock your attire.

According to Cessa and Jaclyn, accessories plays an important part to your overall look because it’s an essential item to have in your wardrobe to finish up your look. Accessories does not only gives accent to our get up, but it can change our overall look. It’s a simple act of accessorizing but can give such a big impact.

There are many accessories that we see in the market today. So how do we choose what are the must-haves jewelries trend for this season? Chunky chain necklaces are still essential items for your wardrobe this season, towards next year there will be more colourful chunky necklaces since the 70s trend is back!

Sometimes we’re confused as to how to mix and match different accessories together. Do I wear the chunky necklace with a bracelets or ring or even on their own? Mix and match actually differ from people to people according to Chessa and Jaclyn. It’s supposed to show the individual’s character, whether it’s too much or not it actually depends on the person carrying or wearing it the right way. It’s all in the attitude!

For our jewelries to last longer and not become easily ruined, it’s best to store them in a cold place that is not humid. Accessories should be stored separately from one to the other. Don’t spray or make contact with lotion or perfume when you’re using your jewelries. You can brush the jewelries with soap especially made for chains diluted with water.

If you have any question to Cessa or Jaclyn that’s related to the topic, you can ask them on Blush on Kis’ Facebook or Twitter account. The live interview will be on next Tuesday and Friday.