The Men at JFW 10/11 Rocking the Layers!

I don’t think it’s fair if we only discuss the women’s fashion during last month’s JFW 2010/2010. We also saw several stunning men collections during the show. Too bad there couldn’t be more of them. Because we wouldn’t mind seeing more stylish men on the runway so that we can get a clue on how to transform our men.

There’s a lot of layering going on, so apparently the ever changing weather of Jakarta really plays big part on the men style. All kind of pants showed  a relax attitude from short to cropped and roll up seemed to be big as well. Colours that aren’t really obvious for men were present as well. I like that pastels were used although just as an accent, like scarf but it really lighted up the looks.

And neutral palette that are dominated with light tone looked real good and refreshing as compared to really dark and muted. Bottom line is, I think layering really works for men. What do you think? Are you going to encourage your men to dress in layers?

The shoes are also adorable too right?