New Window to the (X)S.M.L Warehouse at Grand Indonesia

(X)S.M.L just opened their 9th outlet at the Grand Indonesia last Friday. Whilst other outlets of (X)S.M.L are currently displaying their off-season pieces and on sale for 50%, this newly-opened store stocks the complete line of their newest 2010 collection which I’ve written previously here. I was so excited to see the latest collection in person especially because I see a lot of silk and chiffon on the runway previously, just my cup of tea.

This particular store obviously hase a different characteristic from the rest of their stores but still clearly portray the (X)S.M.L rugged and vintage aura that have been embodied on other store. With a warehouse look that is clearly the latest ‘it’ design at the moment, the dismantled cupboards, strewed trunks and steel pipes that becomes the display of the (X)S.M.L clothes and accessories give an order in chaos a new meaning. With a very long window display, chaotic interior but in the other hand neatly pressed garments hung elegantly against each other gives a young and fresh feel to this new store.

You will feel that you need to visit each corner of the store. And once you step foot inside, it’s really easy to feel right at home because the feeling of the store is very warm and casual.

The long window display itself is worth a special mention. Because it gives (X)S.M.L a chance to display how each piece can complement each other and it also gives the customer an idea of how to wear the (X)S.M.L items on its own or with each other. Which means, you will think that you will need to get out of the store with more than one items! You know that feeling where not only you need the tee that hanging at the display window, but also the outerwear that looks that they’re match made in heaven and not to forget the accessories that complete the collection? Well yeah that’s what I felt when I walk through the window display of (X)S.M.L Grand Indonesia store.

Forgive the lack of nice picture, but how about as an apology I give you a picture of what I found on the new store. Ever since I saw the model at the New  Caravan show walk with the Fendi inspired wrap wedge, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Finally, I saw it in person at the store. Here it is the photo of the shoes, up-close and personal. The price tag of this shoes however, nearly gave me a heart attack, a whooping 1,5 million!

Do visit the new store of (X)S.M.L if you happened to be in Grand Indonesia. It’s located on the first floor of East Mall.