The Alternative Eyeshadow Base from Artdeco

I was searching for a new primer after I ran out of every eye primer that I have, I use to have plenty, so to really ran out completely of eye primer is an achievement for me. So last weekend when I came across Artdeco’s store at Mal Kelapa Gading I was excited because I remember Lorelai’s review about Artdeco eyeshadow base which could match Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion.

The review from many makeup forum and Lorelai was splendid. Not only that you can find it here in Jakarta, but the performance is also superb! The consistency of this eye primer is cream instead of liquid like UDPP. It’s also waxy so it’s harder to blend since it’s a waxy cream compared to blending UDPP. But I like that it has a metallic sheen finish so it’s really nice to combine with matte eyeshadow. I also like to use it with the neutral eyeshadow. Although UDPP will still work best with more vibrant hues because your eyeshadow colours will pop evenmore.

It’s also placed in a pot, unlike UDPP that is placed in tube so when you’re already halfway down the tube it’s really hard to get the product out unless you ‘depot’ it.

The price is more or less Rp 190,000 and as far as I know you can get it at either Artdeco free standing store at Mal Kelapa Gading 3 or Debenhams Supermal Karawaci. So I truly recommend it if you need an eye primer for daily use that you need to get your hands on ASAP.