‘Black Swan’ The Movie Reveals Its Wardrobe

As Black Swan the movie will be released this Friday, December 3, it will be interesting to reveal about its costumes. Photo of Natalie Portman in Black Swan costumes is often seen accompanying the movie’s article. The costume she wear in that photo is typical with Black Swan character in Swan Lake ballet performance. But actually, it isn’t an ordinary costumes since it came from Rodarte.

Two Rodarte designers, Kate and Laura Mulleavy are the creator of that costumes in Black Swan. They created 40 piece of costumes for this film that mostly appear in the ballet performance scene that is adapted from Swan Lake.

Odette, protagonist character in Swan Lake performance, definitely wears white costumes. The Mulleavys created a flat pancake tutu covered with broken white angora wool to give the appearance of tree branches growing on the skirt. According to Laura, Prince Siegfried wears a distressed velvet outfit overlaid with an embroidered floral cheesecloth to make it looks like a spider web taken over him.

In addition to the more theatrical ensembles that are inspired by  Swan Lake, the Mulleavys designed the various knitwear worn throughout the film such as gray leotards, shawls, leg and armwarmers and also silk tulle-and-chiffon gown Portman wears.

Here are some sketches for the Black Swan costumes:

Source: wwd.com