Blush on Kis: From Runway to Real Life

You’ve probably heard that every week we collaborated with Kis FM for a radio programme called Blush on Kis. Each week we’ll bring you the experts from Fashion and Beauty Industry where they would be talking about topics related with these two.

The programme runs every morning from Monday to Friday with different topic each week. There will also be a phone interview with someone from fashion or beauty industry to talk about the chosen topic. This interview airs every Tuesday and Friday morning, between 8 to 9 AM. You can ask questions related to the topic through the Blush on Kis Facebook or Twitter account.

For last week, Shinta Rosvita the Editor in Chief of Her World talked about how to apply the runway look to the real life situation. Because sometimes the runway looks are just too much to relate to for us, “normal” people.

Looks that are very dominant for the Fall/Winter 2010 are the bold looks where it’s all about having fun being a girl and finding your own mix and match talent. Think about leather jackets and metal embellishment for bags and shoes. It’s time to bring on the bling with chunky rings and cuffs for accessories, which are also big this season.

You can also go masculine with tailored blazer or go retro with French Chic style.

For daily application Shinta suggested to just opt for something comfortable no matter what you’re wearing. You can’t always follow the trend as it is, right? Try to mix one fashionable item from the latest season with your own staple pieces from your wardrobe. But to score the perfect shoes and bags is  definitely a must for this season. Mix and match your old staples such as Little Black Dress with animal print pumps, or crisp white shirt with glamorous looking skirt and black legging plus ankle boots. You’ll look modern instantly without trying too hard.

As for colours, even though the Fall/Winter are usually dominated with dark hues, you should try vibrant colours. If you don’t dare to use vibrant colours for clothes, use it in bags. But Shinta suggested to avoid yellow or red shoes for the time being.