DKNY Jeans Brings New Yorker Style to Jakarta

DKNY Jeans is finally available in Indonesia! The first store of DKNY Jeans opened on the 19 November 2010 at Level 2, Plaza Indonesia. This store brings a new DKNY Jeans store concept for its global stand-alone stores and shop-in-shop locations. The first store that used this new concept was Singapore which was debuted on July and to be second using this new concept is really a good beginning for DKNY Jeans in Jakarta.

DKNY Jeans design is inspired by the youngsters of New York, where their style always has that casual and edgy traits to it. Although most of the pieces have laid-back aura, but you can still see the glamour and chic on each of it. DKNY Jeans wants to bring the style of New Yorker with their label available for everyone. If you want to feel young and look like one, you know where to find the outfit right?

The New York feel was also clearly depicted by the concept of the store which have the big apple attitude written all over it. It’s inspired by the experience of NYC meatpacking district and the whole design started from the warehouse lay-out as a basis. You see authentic water pipes on the stores to create the warehouse feel, concrete flooring and accordion zinc ceiling to complete the vibe.

In store, you will see wide selection of jeans and t-shirt as well, that you can combine with a more structured jacket. Most of the collection previewed during the opening of the store was from the Fall/Winter collection, which is why there’s so much layering. You’ll see a lot of outerwear and knitted scarf, which will make you wish that we can have winter just for the sake of looking uber-chic like the models. But, with the rain that keeps pouring like there’s no tomorrow, who needs winter right?