My Hair Styling Saviour: the GHD Creation Spray

I’m a hair spray hater! I always associate it with the ‘rambut sasak’ style. It’s the evil behind the creation of such style. An overly used hair spray. Everytime a hairdresser decided they need to make sure my hair stay intact and spray an unforgiving amount of hairspray, I always ended up with a very stiff sticky hair afterward. I hate washing the remaining of the hairspray off, because it took me more than 3 wash and it’s still there! So who’s with me?

It’s not until I stumbled upon the GHD Creation Spray that I gave hair spray another chance. The price tag was more or less Rp 250,000 but I got it during the Harvey Nichols closing down sale (big yay for me!). I checked the price on the UK site and it cost £12.95.

You might ask why do I need a hair spray right? After I’ve done a hair smoothing procedure couple of months back, I found it easy to style it on daily basis but I need something to hold my hair if I want to give an extra styling to it. Sometimes hair spray can even give volume to your hair, which currently my hair is certainly lacking. I know what you’re all going to say …. we just can’t be satisfied, can we? :D

This spray is said to be perfect for holding my hair style firmly in place for longer and it’s perfect to be used after styler to create movement in the hair. Plus, it contains UVA protection (I thought this is only important for my sunblock!) and helps retain the hair’s moisture and elasticity when you’re doing heat-styling.

So I use this spray after I finish styling my hair with my big brush and hair dryer, right after it I will spray the hair spray onto my hair then lightly runs my fingers through my hair. I love that the spray doesn’t have any irritating smell. The moment it touches my hair it doesn’t turn my hair stiff. I can still comb it as usual, because it does not bundle up my hair together. The liquid is clear and it doesn’t leave any whitish cast which can be mistaken with dandruff!

The spray, like it promises to, holds my hair style in place for the whole day when I have various kind events to attend to. It doesn’t leave my hair looking like crispy disaster even after the next day and I didn’t see it drying nor getting any oilier. It just does what is supposed to, which is holding the style in place.

Apparently this spray also contains panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) for plumping and moisturizing, as well as helping to reduce split ends and helps hair absorb ingconditioning moister. No wonder no frizziness in sight! It also have what they called a shrink-wrap effect which protects the cuticle from moisture loss. Most importantly, it contains a heat-activated protection ingredient derived from meadow foam seed oil, which penetrates the hair cortex, improving moisture over an extended time and giving more flexibility and elasticity to the hair. I styled my hair over and over again couple of days during the JFW, this spray really helps soothes my hair.

What I’m going to do soon is trying to hold a curl with this spray. Let’s see how long it will last.