JFW 10/11: The Woman Behind Dewi Fashion Knight – Niluh Sekar

Oops turned out we still have 1 last article on Jakarta Fashion Week 10/11 :D We did a quick chat with Majalah Dewi Editor in Chief, Niluh Sekar, about Dewi Fashion Knights 2010, and here is what she had to say about the spectacular show!

Can you tell us about this year Dewi Fashion Knight and the theme behind it?

This year’s Dewi Fashion Knights is about diversity. Each designer possesses a strong and unique character, which emanates through their designs. This enriches the style vocabulary of fashion, which in turn frees the spirit of the women who wear their creations. This diversity is what we are celebrating this year.

How do you choose the designers to be showcased on this event? We see that this year Dewi Fashion Knight will have fewer designers, is there any reason for this?

We, dewi magazine closely watched most of Indonesian designers throughout the year. Dewi Fashion Knights isn’t about the number. We picked the theme of Style Spectrum first and then we chose the designers who best represent the themes.

Any favourite pieces so far from the designers that we need to look for?

In this show you will find a lot of pieces you will like. These pieces bring out the unique individuality that each woman has.

How does the collections that are going to be previewed here translated into our day to day attire and style?

These collections present the variety of style, from daily wear to gala. And a lot of things you can play in between to make them your own style. At the end, the designers create fashion but you are the one who enliven the spirit of the creations.

How do you stay stylish and fresh during the JFW, we know it’s a tough and busy week for you.

:) I try to always eat organic protein and veggies, and drinking as much water as possible (Acqua Panna is the best in the market). In terms of style, it’s important for me to wear something that’s true to my personal style, and embracing the richness of Indonesian heritage at the same time. Stay positive in mind and heart are highly important too, and of course, a ‘proper dosage’ of high heels has never failed to complete my stylish steps.