Make Up For Ever New Space at Plaza Senayan

On late October, Make Up For Ever opened their second free standing store at at Plaza Senayan. The new spacey and modern store design is the new concept from Make Up For Ever headquarter which was firstly implemented in the Plaza Senayan store in Jakarta! It was early November that they make an opening party which was attended by media and loyal customers. During this event, they showed us around the new facility that they have in this new store and there were also 3 Makeup Artists who did a traditional makeup using Make Up For Ever products.

The Senayan store displayed wide array of makeup from the colourful lip and eye products to many shade and tone of face product. The most exciting part of the store is actually located at the back of the store where they displayed all the pro products. Very much exciting! You should take a peek in it, will certainly tickle your interest to become a makeup artist. Not only the pro line provide wide variety of eye, lips and face makeup products but also body painting product range.

The new boutique also has a backstage studio where you can have a makeover and a lounge where your boyfriend or partners can relax while waiting for you to browse the drool-worthy makeup.The lounge at the back, which is called the slow-space, has a large high table and stools that drew inspiration from Facebook and this space actually created to become the ‘real Facebook’ where people can hang out, share, reconnect and relax without being the subject of sales assistance, which is quite surprising because it’s a shop after all. The slow-space is equipped with an iPad and free wireless network.

It seemed that Make Up For Ever wants to reiterate the message through this store that they are the ‘go-to’ makeup brand and they also want to provide more than just a shopping experience in this store. They want you to be able to share tips and knowledge with the Make Up Artists at the store, with your friend or other customer.

Most of you may have heard that Make Up For Ever does not only sell product but they also provide makeup lessons. In this new space you would be able to have one-on-one focused makeup lesson where your personal trainer will not only be able to teach you at the makeup station but there will also be a touch enabled “Smart Board” which will help you visualize the topic you’re discussing with your trainer.

Come and experience new way of shopping for makeup at the second floor of Plaza Senayan.