The Feminine Sony Ericsson Vivaz with HD Video Technology

Sony Ericsson Vivaz mobile phone may have been released for couple of months but this month they have launched one other colour which is pink. Definitely a stylish gadget to complete your attire.

It’s a smart phone with Symbian operating system which allows you to have a seamless sharing experience. The phone is equipped with 8MP camera that allows you to capture the best moments and view in front of you and able to produce high quality HD video. Right after you capture your photo or video you can view them on it’s 3.2′ monitor and share it via Wi-Fi to YouTube or Picasa even though other features on the mobile phone are still running.

Two fashion bloggers were endorsed by Sony Ericsson to use and share their experience in using Vivaz, they are Sonia Eryka and Heidi of the Fashion Maverick. Sonia told the media that she found the quality of the pictures that she snaps using this phone is not really far from those that she takes using DSLR, especially when talking about video. She said capturing a video is much simpler using this phone. Whereas Heidi showed me the video she captured during the JFW and I couldn’t really believe that the video was actually captured using a mobile phone because I can see the details of the design on the screen. Having to experience taking pictures using mobile phone devices myself during the fashion week, it was rather hard because the light was really bright and I tend to lose the details on the design when I captured them on screen. So I’m pretty much impressed.

Not to mention the phone looks good on the hand of Sonia and Heidi, like what Sony Ericsson said, it looks stylish and the pink is striking.

The size is no more than the size of a woman’s palm and the design is curvaceous with no boxy edge which makes it easy to hold. It’s retailed for more or less IDR 2,9 million.