Gift Guide for Your Man

If only I got five thousand rupiah everytime I hear my friend say this “My boyfriend/husband’s birthday is coming up soon! What should I get him as present?”, I’ll be rich by now :)

Well, the confusion is not all theirs. I also have to rack my brain every year on what to get my husband as a birthday gift. The options are not as many as us girls and when you’ve been together for years, the choices you are left with are getting slimmer and slimmer. Thank God my husband and I don’t make it a custom to get each others’ presents on Valentine’s day or on our anniversary :D

Of course, we can buy them the same thing, or its variations, over and over again. Like shirts, ties and perfumes. But believe it or not, men love to be surprised too. It’s also nice for them to know that you really put some thoughts into the presents. So think hard, and let me try to give you some ideas.

1. Victorinox Multi Tool

If you think this type of gift is old-fashioned, think again. Men love their tools including a compact one that they can carry around in their pockets. This type has an LED light too which will come in handy whenever you need to look for something in your purse under the darkness of your car.

2. Kiehl’s Men Refueling Set

Men want their skin to look good too although they would probably reject the idea of using  “skincare products” because it’s too feminine. But this Kiehl’s Refueling Set, consisting of moisturizer (they call it “Facial Fuel”), scrub, shaving cream and eye cream, look properly manly and will help our guys look their best too.

3. Nokia N8

Ah yes. Gadgets never fail to delight any man. But this super cool phone from Nokia will definitely make him love you more :D It’s got 12 Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, built-in memory of 16GB and an application to edit video. Not only he will be kept busy with this new toy while waiting for you in the shoe store, he’ll be able to produce high quality picture and video of you :)

4. Campers shoes

Buying men shoes is a bit tricky but if you can find the right pair, it’ll be worth it. First, you need to decide what type of shoes he needs the most. The kind he can wear everyday to work? For formal occasions? Or a more casual pair for weekends and traveling? You also need to look at the type of shoes he already has as it can give you some clues on what he likes. After you have all the info you need, go to Camper store and pick a pair. Unlike us women, men put comfort on the top of their list, so he’ll definitely be won by the ultimate comfort a pair of Camper shoes will give him. Camper is known for their comfortability factor which recently just won ‘The Best Comfortable Shoes’ chosen by Cleo during the Cleo Fashion Award. So you have a justification that Camper does not only have many stylish pairs to choose from because we’re talking well-made, good quality shoes here, you can be sure that a pair will take your man to a lot of places and beyond because it’s comfortable!

Each Camper shoes are designed carefully without forgetting three factors: comfort, durability and simplicity. We knew better that men doesn’t like complicated shoes and unlike us women they want their shoes to last a lifetime if it’s possible!

Camper shoes have different variety and each of them have their own unique feature, for instance the waterproof line have leather that has been waterproofed, sealed stitching, protected lace eyelets and use special zipper. For more info on their line you can visit or visit the nearest store located at Plaza Indonesia 2nd Floor, Senayan City 3rd Floor and LINEA Plaza Senayan 2nd Floor.