First Look of Sariayu Exotic Indonesia, the Colors of Asia!

Finally revealed! The latest Tren Warna of Sariayu for the year 2011 is called Exotic Indonesia, The Colors of Asia!

After 25 years of consistently promoting the beauty of our country through their makeup collections, Sariayu launched the newest one yesterday and stated that this collection is inspired by the rich cultural influences to Indonesia from all parts of Asia. As you all know, some of  our art and cultures were shaped from a mixture of local customs as well as from other countries such as India, Melayu, Middle East and China.

Inspired by this cultural assimilation, Sariayu created 4 different collections for its Tren Warna 25th Anniversary and each collection is symbolized by a traditional instruments which were also influenced by these other countries. Petikan Sitar (influenced by India), Alun Serunai (influenced by Melayu), Dendang Rebana (influenced by the Middle East) and Denting Kecapi (influenced by China).

What I love about this campaign is the fact that these collections were represented by models with very different looks and different skin tones. Finally! A local beauty brand using girls with tan and dark skin tones! I want to applaud Sariayu for doing this because we all know Indonesian women come in different shape, sizes and skin colors, right? :)

Also worth noting, as per the previous collections, Sariayu is partnering with WWF Indonesia in preserving our biodiversity by donating Rp. 500 for each product sold.

Each of these collections consist of 1 eyeshadow palette, 2 lipsticks and 1 liquid lip color. The eyeshadows were infused with pomegranate extract which is an excellent source of antioxidant, while the lipsticks contain Mineral Amethys powder which they claim can help protect our lips and reduce signs of external damage, and improve blood circulation on the lips. It also contains Vitamin E which can help moisten our lips. We will do a review soon but in the meantime, we’re going to let you take a peek of the look from the 4 collections and the product images.

Do you have a favorite yet? ;)