Falling Head Over Heels with Adesagi

As the first model of Adesagi Kierana walked down the runway of Jakarta Fashion Week on the IPMI show, I fell in love at first sight at the collection. Maybe it began with the red lips that will never fail to capture my heart. The truth is, it was the dress that looked so alive and brought out many wonderful feeling and made me feel like I was in love. The first piece from Adesagi was a black and white geometrical stripes tube dress with a train application at the back. It hugged the feminine curves ever so perfectly, but the train left the model walking like a celebrity with millions of dollars worth of attitude. And then I realized, the model was sashaying with even a mouth-gaping platform mary-jane. How can I not fall in love more?

The screen at the back of the runway, gave a view to the sketch of the design on stage. The sketch not only had complete detailing of the dress but also the shoes worn with it. It’s like Adesagi was giving us a full complete picture of the love story that he was telling on the stage

The title of the show is ‘In Love With You Again’, I guess it tried to tell a love story that was clearly depicted on the collection. It showed the many layer of love, that it’s not always the wonderful feeling at the outskirt but also the gloomy one on the inside. It showed that love is a drama and so is the collection!

I don’t really know why I love this collection. If I saw the shoes firstĀ  it had been understandable why I love it. I guess the collection really tickled your emotion and it had so many fine detail and the layering was spectacular. The volumes that it created surprisingly made me love it even more.

Adesagi walked the finale of his presentation at the IPMI show with the most bouquet flowers ever handed to a designer in the JFW. He even needed help from his models to carry some of the bouquet. He is the newest addition to the IPMI family and a brilliant addition indeed.

Well here are some more pictures of the collection by Adesagi. I hope it captures your heart as much as it does to mine. As for the shoes, need I comment more?