JFW 10/11 Day 7: International Brands Take Participate

Jakarta Fashion Week not only showcased prominent Indonesian designers, it also gave the chance to international brands to introduce their latest collections. Held on the last day of Jakarta Fashion Week, a fashion show by three international brands took place on the fashion promenade. They are Guess, La Senza, and Raoul which all of them are under the flagship of PT Gilang Agung Persada.

The first collection to be lined in the runway came from Guess. The theme of the collection was “High Street” which offered several kinds of watches, high-heels, boots and also handbags. They were parts of Guess trendiest collection for Fall/Winter 2010. Men’s collections were also showcased, even though the number of male models was less than female ones.

Then a line of models wearing La Senza lingerie came. The theme was “Flirty”. It is no doubt that a piece of lingerie should be flirty but La Senza presented its collection in elegant way. To avoid the outfits became too open or vulgar, the models layered the lingerie with stockings, tank tops, and also outerwears. Most of the lingerie came in bright colors such as red, purple, and shocking pink.

Raoul was the last brand of the show but it surely was not the least. It brought the “Sleek and Classic” as the theme. It suited well with Raoul attires which consisted of basic pieces in basic colors. Various fabrics were turned into Raoul’s men and women blazers; wool, satin, velvet, you name it. Raou shirts were also varied enough so they didn’t look boring and stiff as office wear usually do. The collection was perfectly closed with a nude halter neck maxi dress.

I guess all the brands completely offered what men and women need the most for their daily activities; casual “High Street” outfits, “Flirty” lingerie, also “Sleek and Classic” attires for work.


La Senza