JFW 10/11 Day 6: A Green Day

It was nearing the end of Jakarta Fashion Week and even though we felt exhausted, we were still excitedly going from one show to another, tweeting up-to-the-minute reports to you.

On the sixth day, Mazda held a show which showcased 3 young vibrant designers who captured the spirit of Mazda into their creations. Stylish, Spirited and Insightful were translated by Anastasia, Zacky Gaficky and Steven Huang into beautiful and unique collections. Read the full report here.

Anyway, to match the occasion, we decided to wear something green to the event, because that’s the iconic color of Mazda2 car. We also invited some FD-ers to attend the fashion show and was so happy to see them there even though it was in the middle of the week and traffic was bad like usual. Thanks for coming guys and hope you enjoyed the show! :)

On Vanya:

  • Custom-made Dress
  • Cardigan Minimal
  • Forever 21 shoes
  • Head band from Closet Quickies

On Hanzky:

  • Unbranded jacket
  • XSML white top
  • XSML black pants
  • Viktor & Rolf shoes
  • LV Trevi Damier GM bag

On Affi:

  • Custom made top
  • Etcetera tank top
  • Next pleated pants
  • Nine West heels
  • Unbranded bag