JFW 10/11 Day 6: Mazda Presented Young & Vibrant Designers

What I love about Jakarta Fashion Week is apart from witnessing some of the most epic creations of Indonesia’s legendary fashion designers, we also got to see the young and fresh ones showcasing their promising talents.

Apart from Level One fashion show, Cleo Fashion Awards 2010, there was also a show where Mazda presented Young & Vibrant Designers as a stage for these new talents. As a 2 times sponsor of Jakarta Fashion Week, Mazda is committed to support the local designers who share their passion and who can embody their stylish, spirited and insightful personality. If last year they presented Stella Rissa, Mel Ahyar and Jeffrey Tan, all of them set off to have a bright career prior to that show, this year, the choice went to Anastasia, Zacky Gaficky and Steven Huang.

And as a proud Mazda2 City Stylist, of course I wouldn’t miss the show!

It was obvious that these 3 designers have very different styles. Anastasia, who has made quite a name for herself in Singapore by having her label Pettifogr sold in a department store there, came up with a very modern, clean-cut styles with a slight Oriental flair. Her models walked out wearing shift dresses with carefully added details that makes the dresses look expensive yet maintaining its wearability. Some dresses have a see-through outerlayer in a contrasting color. Some have stitching detailing. The dresses really do have a current feel to it, without being too trendy. It’s hard to pick a favorite since these are the kinds of dresses you could wear from day to night effortlessly.


While Anastasia’s collection was simple and chic, Zacky Gaficky sent out his models with their faces covered in see-through veils. It definitely added an aura of mystery around his collection. He used a lot of draping in black and white colors, with the occasional fiery red bursting through the runway. His outfits looked simple, yet complicated. Weird, but good :D I love how the drapery creates so many waves that it was hard to know where one line ends and one begins. Though the items can not be worn by just anybody, as some pieces have so much volume, I’m sure women who love to dress uniquely and differently can pull them off nicely.

Zacky Gaficky

Steven Huang was the last one to showcase his collection and it was said to be inspired by the sophisticated Mazda CX-9. Steven’s collection have a luxe feel to it with the use of heavier fabrics such as jacquard and silk chiffon. Though he kept the silhouettes simple, some of the dresses were given the extra touch to make them pop. One particular item that grabbed me was a synthetic fur mini coat which may not be practical for Jakarta weather, but will look very chic when stepping out of a stylish Mazda car :D

Steven Huang