JFW 10/11 Day 6: Stephanus Hamy, Exploring the Beauty of the East

I wasn’t aware of this show at first, if not because of the invitation by e-mail sent out at the beginning of the Jakarta Fashion Week. I’m glad that I read my e-mail on daily basis, or else I would have missed the show by Stephanus Hamy which would be devastating as it was beyond good! It showed various tenun NTT which made into a ready to wear collection.

Stephanus Hamy wanted to popularize tenun NTT and turned it into something that we can wear everyday. Tenun NTT was known for its heaviness and stiffness. Therefore, it’s not as popular as batik or even tenun. People will associate tenun NTT as a textile that is not comfortable to wear, will limit their movement and it will be very hot to wear. However, Stephanus Hamy wanted to erase all of these perception because nowadays tenun NTT can be produced in a lighter and softer texture.

Amidst all the loud colour such as yellow, terracotta or red against black, tenun NTT is actually wearable for everyday activities. You can wear it to office, meeting or even formal events. He used tenun NTT in every application possible: jacket, coat, pants, shirt and still a lot more. Motif such rooster and butterfly can be seen in his the pattern of the weave. He even included studs which made the attire rock star worthy. The gold studs against black brought understated glamour to the pieces.

Without further ado, I present you, the beauty of tenun NTT in the hands of Stephanus Hamy.