JFW 10/11 Day 5: Playfully Mixed Up in Lennor

Lenny Agustin, who is also a member of APPMI, got the chance to present her collection in a single show. This time, one of Lenny’s brands, Lennor brought the theme “Hullabaloo” which means bustle and frenzy.

Through Hullabaloo, Lenny tried to express her spirit in her designs. She was inspired by the picture of today’s society that becomes more active in finding its personality and keeps welcoming new things. That’s how an expressive yet contradictory creation was born.

The theme was as cute as the collection. Combining various kinds of fabric, it resulted the Lennor’s pieces to be playful and frenzy. Lenny admitted her desire to explore many areas. For example, she used Borneo and Bugis’ tenun.

Batik, tenun, sarong and even denim are various textiles that can be found in the collection. As usual, Lenny loves to put many colors and details in Lennor designs. They are all young, modern but still embrace Indonesian character. Hullabaloo offers not only women’s wear but it also has interesting men’s wear. The pieces ranged from casual women’s dresses, tops, skirts, to men’s shirts and pants.